NTDCHN is unlike other investment platforms; we are with an unique hub networking methodology derived by our core team;
Our Crypto Hub Network methodology for crypto-mining contributing investment enhances the scalability of crypto-mining process along with a secured fund management strategy;
Resulting our members to create and preserve crypto-assets to thrive in this digitally advancing world.

NTDCHN members will receive standard recurring returns against their contributing investment from 110% to 145% as similar as DCIO concept of benefits depending on the contributing investment partaken. 


Investment Plans:

Trial~Tester | 13.50% Daily returns for 8 Days | Deposit Range: $30.00 ~ $50.00

Rewards | 1.50% Daily returns for 100 Days | Deposit Range: $50 ~ $500.00 

Rewards Plus | 1.50% Daily returns for 120 Days | Deposit Range: $200 ~ $1500.00

Elite | 2.00% Daily returns for 100 Days | Deposit Range: $2001 ~ $3000.00

Elite Plus | 2.0833% Daily returns for 120 Days | Deposit Range: $2501 ~ $5000.00

Prime | 3.50% Daily returns for 80 Days | Deposit Range: $5001 ~ $7000.00

Prime Plus | 5.00% Daily returns for 60 Days | Deposit Range: $7001 ~ $14999.00


Minimum Deposit:      $30.00
Maximum Deposit: $14999.99


Payment systems

Electronic Currencies: Perfect Money | Paypal | Payeer

Cryptocurrencies: BTC | ETH | LTC | DOGECOIN


Transaction process

Automated Transfers:
Returns which are not withdrawn will be transferred to the external depository accounts of members (applied only on idle funds in your NTDCHN user accounts after plan cycle)
This is an automated execution subjected to be processed within 12 hours after the tenure of your opted investment plan cycle
Automated transfering of unwithdrawn returns is being applied to avoid the non-performing/matured deposits of our members as well to fetch a clarity on contributing investments to our expertised fund managers

Clockorder automation to withdrawals:
We are not relied on compromising complete auto-withdrawal facilities which are found to be high risk factor resulting in critical maintenance patches affecting the site functions at instances as similar as the lagging with many investment platforms.Therein we operate with standard withdrawal format enabling our members to receive withdrawals to their external accounts by clockorder automations.

According to this clockorder automation for approving withdrawal requests which are subjected to be processed at 04:30 AM (GMT) on weekdays (Mon to Sat)
>> All withdrawal requests placed by members will processed from 04:31 AM (GMT Day-1) till 04:29 AM (GMT Day0) at 04:30 AM (GMT)
>> There is no limitation on number of withdrawal requests per member in daily basis

Personalized intimation on service downtime

NTDCHN would intimate a prior information in case of any network maintenance or offline upgrades if emerging an inevitable downtime.
We always ensure every member of our network receives a clear intimation on such downtimes in prior along with the expectable duration to resume-in.

Referral benefits:(The best ever affiliation program)

(A) Referral Bonus
Bonus on direct sign ups: 10% - 12.50% - 14.50% - 16.50% - 18.50% - 20%

(B) Bonus from Returns
Returns from the profit returns of the referred membership deposits.
No restricting terms demanding 'n' number of referrals as we value each membership and their referrals not in count of references.
Assured 2% - 5% of bonus from returns against the profit earned by your referred memberships in monthly basis.
Bonus from returns are processed by clockorder automations on 20th calendar day of every month

(C) Bonus from Reinvestments
Assured 0.25% of bonus against the reinvestments of the referred memberships.
No restricting terms to state your reinvestment bonus will be effect only from investment cycle to investment cycle it works within the investment tenure too.
Bonus from reinvestments are processed by clockorder automations on 10th calendar day of every month

(D) Bonus from Loan Approvals
     (Applicable only for Perfect Money account holders)
Assured 1.18% of bonus against the loan approved to referred memberships (Applicable only to Perfect Money account holders)
Bonus from Loan approvals to the referred memberships processed by clockorder automations on last calendar day of every month.
Loan issuance range of approval which are minimum 65% against the investment and maximum 125% against the investment and the vintage of membership.
Loan approvals are subjected to our internal validation measures and profile validation report evaluation on the applicant's Perfect Money user profile



1. Improved security with DDoS-protection

2. Tranparent operational functions as simple as our methodological manifesto

3. SSL certificate

4. Systematically automated daily accruals

5. 24/7 technical support

6. 24/7 support team availability

7. Internal fund transfers (member to member)

8. Personalized email intimations on all activities from time to time

9. Completely automated fund management system to ensure profitablity to every members paving a long run to network

10. Dynamic investment strategy in diversified verticals ensuring a long run with profitability


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  • Deposited total $ 19747.94
  • Total withdrawals $ 4284.06
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